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Superfast Services is proud to only source and appoint pinnacles of industry to support its client base, and as such regards itself as a boutique consultancy offering the best-of-the-best across its offering of specialised corporate disciplines.

Distributed skillsets aligned to common goals

Superfast Services is a specialist management consultancy that covers a wide array of corporate disciplines.

Management Consulting

Superfast Services is a specialist management consultancy with proficiencies across a variety of professional disciplines.

Strategic Execution

Backed by its team of processionals, Superfast Services draws on relevant inhouse skillsets to execute projects and business plans within the related mandates.

Result Driven

Superfast Services recognises that the only true measure of success is to track results.

Company Overview

Born out of necessity to support the rapid growth of what is today known as the VANPOT HOLDINGS group, Superfast Services Ltd is a specialist consultancy that provides management services across many corporate and professional disciplines.  

Superfast Services was founded by  VANPOT HOLDINGS as a specialist management structure to provide incubatory support to the investment subsidiaries of the VANPOT HOLDINGS group, as well as a carefully selected external customer base, on a shared services model, aligned to VANPOT HOLDINGS’ vertically integrated supply chain strategies.

Superfast Services is a dedicated shared services provider that covers amongst others the following corporate disciplines:

• Mentorship 
• Financial Management / Accounting
• Legal Services
• Marketing Services
• Information Technology Infrastructure & Support
• Human Resource Management
• Customer Support Services
• Design Services
• Management Services

Superfast Services is proud to only source and appoint pinnacles of industry to support its client base, and as such regards itself as a boutique consultancy offering the best-of-the-best across its offering of specialised corporate disciplines. 

Superfast Services has been mandated by VANPOT HOLDINGS to execute and manage its vertically integrated supply chain model across its group operations: 

Our Team

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team members

Richard Potgieter
Louise Potgieter
Financial Performance
Alfred Botha
Risk & Security
Techa Ittoo
Head of Human Resources

What we Do

Business Management Services

Superfast Services provides management services across various corporate and professional disciplines, where solutions are tailored to the demands of the related client. These services range from specialised project consulting all the way through to complete outsourced business management.

The Business Management Services include representation of shareholder(s), Board representation and management, and complete outsourced staffing of businesses. For these Business Management Services, Superfast Services provides a full end-to-end solution, executing business plan(s) on behalf of shareholder(s).

Bespoke Consulting Services

Leveraging its base of ‘best-of-the-best’ skillset(s), Superfast provides bespoke consultancy services on selected projects.

These projects always make use of the multidisciplinary capabilities of Superfast Services and include amongst others the development of business plans and models, assessment of opportunities, development of bespoke infrastructure and other select unique projects.

Our Services

Accounting Services

Real-time accounting services that actively participates in the management of client entities, keeping track of performance against budgets.


Drawing on experience and wisdom, mentors impart their insights to CEO's and Executives through active engagement.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate secretarial services to ensure accurate record keeping and compliant filings with authorities.

Compliance Services

Multi-disciplined compliancy services ranging all the way through to management of regulated compliance obligations.

IT Infrastructure Services

Turnkey IT solutions including desktop support all the way through to hosted infrastructure management and administration.

Customer Support Services

Aligned with the customer-centric ethos of the VANPOT HOLDINGS group, Superfast Services acts as the 1st line of communication with the group customer base.


Treasury services including cash management, disbursements against approved budgets, facility maintenance and management of borrowings.

Legal Services

All aspects of legal services including legal drafting, contract drafting, contract management, etc.

Marketing Services

Digital and print marketing services, including campaign design and management.

Human Resource Management

Outsourced HR services that cover the processes of hiring, administration, dismissal, payroll, development and training of staff.

Design Services

Keep branding and public image neat, tidy and fresh.

Management Services

Management consultancy that represents all or a combination of Services.


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